Ages 12 – 18


At Terrigal CI, we firmly believe in supporting our youth as they grow into the young adults of the next generation. We seek to equip them with the tools in their journey to understand and listen to God’s guidance throughout the navigation of their teen years.

Our Youth Ministry

At Terrigal CI we encourage all ages to get involved in our Sunday services and the worship and presentations are particularly enjoyed by the youth. The youth of the CI Church get together regularly for fellowship and support together in their journey learning of God’s word and his love in their life.

Worship and Church services

In our weekly Sunday service we strive to cover areas of interest to the young people of the church. Our presentation segment in our service is particularly enjoyed by the youth as it delves into interesting topics and focuses on practical life applications. The worship songs sung during the service are also particularly enjoyed by our younger members.

Youth Groups

The youth of the CI church meet regularly though out the year. Youth groups offer a time for the teenagers of the church to hang out together, enjoy a fun activity and learn further about topics they are interested in. 

Youth Camps

We run a yearly combined CI youth and children’s camp at an exciting location filled with fun and engaging activities catering to each age group along with some enriching Biblical studies.  We aim for these special events to provide an opportunity for youth fellowship and enriched growth and learning.

Equipping future generations to follow the path of christ.

‘But speaking the truth in love, may grow up into him in all things, which is the head, even Christ’

Ephesians 4:15

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